Momtrepreneur of the Week

In this feature series, I briefly introduce some fabulous entrepreneurial ladies – a fun snapshot of the lady behind the business.


Describe your business in 25 words or less?

I am a photographer specialising in commercial portraits (specifically business and headshots), lifestyle and fashion photos. My personal production is predominantly B&W.

Where did you live and what did you work at before you came to Hong Kong?

I worked as a Marketing and Campaign Production Manager in Bratislava in Slovakia where I grew up and for a year in Prague.

Next was 3 years in Shenzhen working as a model, photographer and journalist and I have been a photographer in Hong Kong for the last 7 years.

Do you remember your first client?

Yes! It was in China, 9 years ago.

The Dutch parents of a 12 year old girl asked me to take photos of her – you know those kind of photos of a young lady, when the reminiscence of childhood is still present but she is becoming a woman. I think they wanted a woman/mother to take these photos.

I guess they were not disappointed as my business grew right after that shoot a lot. 

As a home business, where’s the strangest place you’ve taken a work call?

I always try to have these things under control and keep reminding myself it’s just a business. I am not a doctor, nobody is going to die if I don’t answer now but in 10 minutes or in 2 hours.

So, the worst place was probubly during a shoot or in a bus or MTR but even this is not acceptable anymore. 

What would you say is the worst idea you’ve ever had when it comes to your business? 

To quit!

What do your kids think about their Mom being an entrepreneur?

Not much! They don’t know any other version of me, so this is a standard for them. 

Well, they think I am working too much…..

Sometimes they think I am famous and can help them to
become a celebrity.

Tell us one interesting thing about you that most people may not know.

Life is too complicated, so I keep it simpler by being honest, hence no suprises or shocking news about me. So, none of following is a secret:

  • I used to play volleyball and played in a national team of Slovakia as a junior.
  • I speak 5 leanguages, however, I only stated to learn English as a 24 year old.
  • I love painting, interior design and have a soft spot for all kinds of old/vintage stuff – furniture, decoration, flats, buildings etc .

What would be your karaoke song of choice? 

No way I would ever every sing publicly but if you consider singing in a car or in a shower as karaoke, then it will be Bohemian Rhapsody from Queen. 


Website: http://www.Mediative.Hk

Facebook: @MediativePhotographyHK 


Instagram: @mediative_portraits_headshots



Thanks Natalia – I love your photography style.

So ladies, if Natalia can do it, so can you. If you have always wanted to run your own business – Go for It, take that next step!


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A new Momtrepreneur will be featured every week.

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