Momtrepreneur of the Week

In this feature series, I briefly introduce some fabulous entrepreneurial ladies – a fun snapshot of the lady behind the business.

Kristen Handford – Certified Personal Trainer

Describe your business in 25 words or less?

I am a Pre & Postnatal Certified Strength & Conditioning coach!

I run group classes in DB, do postnatal home visits, PT, and programming.

Where did you live and what did you work at before you came to
Hong Kong?

I was a Master Corporal in the Canadian Army, in Ottawa.

My role was Quartermaster (like Q from James Bond, but without the
exploding pens or Aston Martins, sadly).

I enjoyed the physical aspects of the military so becoming a Personal Trainer when I moved to Hong Kong was an easy transition!

Do you remember the first time you made a sale?

Yes! I had set up a website and somehow someone found me
through that.

I trained her at a park in Central until she eventually
moved from Hong Kong.

As a home business, where’s the weirdest place you’ve taken a
work call?

On a hike!

Walking up The Peak, or pushing my son in the stroller up
the hill to my house in Discovery Bay.. although for the most part I
try to be at home so that I can focus and take notes.

What would you say is the worst idea you’ve ever had when it
comes to your business?


Of course it’s unavoidable as an entrepreneur, so you’ve
just got to believe in yourself and your ability to succeed.

What do your kids think about their Mom being an entrepreneur?

My son Max is only one, so I’m pretty sure his thoughts center
around getting enough milk and whether or not to poop in the tub.

That being said, I strongly believe that a happy mother is
fundamental to the well being of her little ones, so he definitely
benefits because I love what I do!

Tell us one interesting thing about you that most people may not

I was Top Shot in my basic training, and met my husband skydiving.

What would be your karaoke song of choice?

Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey (Kristin – I’d totally join you in that one!)



Facebook: Kristen Handford – Certified Personal Trainer

Instagram: @kristen_handford


Kristin – my 8 year old daughter was so impressed when I told her you were a Master Corporal in the army!

I recently met Kristin who lives here in my local Discovery Bay community.

After one of our personal training sessions, I feel like I got to know her a whole lot more!

So ladies, if Kristin can do it, so can you. If you have always wanted to run your own business – Go for It, take that next step!


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