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And Relax…..

I had the best massage I’ve ever had today.

Hours later, I’m still chilled out and if you knew what a stress monkey I am, then that’s saying something!

Our relocation to Ireland is just 4 days away now. Knowing how apprehensive and stressed I am about the move, my wonderful husband treated me to a spa morning during our family holiday in Koh Samui. (I also suspect that he may be building up brownie points as the Rugby Heineken Cup tournament is on….).

I just love a massage but I find it very difficult to switch off, let go and just relax. Knowing me like he does, to actually relax, he knew that an hour massage wasn’t going to cut it. So, he thoughtfully booked me in for an extra long massage (10 additional brownie points).

This would allow me half an hour to worry about the kids and stress about what I need to do before we leave for Ireland and then the rest to actually relax. Hopefully…..

We’ve had amazing family holidays during our time in Asia. Part of these holidays, for me, has always been the treat of a trip to a spa.

Asian ladies tend to be quite little and I am always amazed how these wonderful masseuses have the physical strength to give such deep thorough massages all day long.

No kidding, the lovely lady who did my massage today was just tiny – both her and her friend could have fitted in my dress. And those slender arms that look like they could not lift a pillow, they brought tears to my eyes as she kneaded my tight and tense muscles…….

I trusted that she knew what she was doing as my muscles protested at the pounding she was giving them but of course she did. While my body is not grateful to her this evening for its workout, I don’t doubt that it will feel the benefit in the morning.

On our trip to Vietnam last year, I persuaded my hard working husband to join me for a massage to try and help him relax. Being somewhat more experienced in this area than he is, I cautioned him not to request a deep massage.

Of course, he ignored my advice and I think he spent the hour wishing the massage was over. He also hasn’t taken me up on my suggestion that he goes for a massage again either……

Anyway, my massage today was pure bliss. I’m off to sleep now. Tomorrow, we are flying back to Hong Kong to pack up for our relocation to Ireland next Sunday. Here’s hoping the chilled vibes survive the flight!


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