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Meet Kimberley Kleczka

Who is Kimberley Kleczka? Well, that’s a question that takes some thinking about to answer!

Kimberley is a lady I met in Discovery Bay through our Momtrepreneur group who has also become a friend.

She is a woman of many talents and with many interesting stories to tell.

Where to start……..

Kimberley was born in London before moving to Wales as a young child. When she was 8 years old, her family relocated to South Africa. In her teenage years, her family was on the move again to Kenya. This was followed by the Ivory Coast.

With her husband Tim and their two children, her family has lived in California, New Zealand, The Netherlands, USA again, Germany, France and Spain. 3 years ago Tim’s job brought them to Hong Kong.

Kimberley’s kids are all grown up and have clearly inherited their parent’s travel bug. Her son Keanan lives between Germany and Croatia and her daughter Kayla is studying in Amsterdam.

It is impossible to describe Kimberley’s career with just one word as there are so many branches to this tree!

Kimberley the Entertainer

Under her children’s brand Koolamundo, she describes herself as an “edutainer” – educating through entertainment.

With Koolamundo, Kimberley introduces us to Klara the Cow – Klara has her own song, app, read along book, puppet, animated mini videos and also does appearances.

Klara is an adorable sweet cow that has the special talent of being able to bow on one knee. She also has somewhat of a curious personality.

“I was sitting in the garden at our house in France, watching this cute calf trying to pinch the plums off our trees. It looked like she was bowing. I wrote a poem about her, that turned into a rhyming book and song”.

Meet Klara:

In our technology dependant world, I wondered if Kimberley finds it a challenge to engage children without screentime:

“At 0-6 years, parents love reading to their children. There is still that bond to do things together – playing games, reading, going on fun excursions, singing, dancing. All this does not require screen time”.

You can read more about Klara and Koolamundo here:


Kimberley the Entrepreneur

Kimberley has just created a line of ladies scarves and a twilly with charming designs of women’s faces on butterflies.

The range which is called “Wings of Love” also includes a journal which is beautifully illustrated and has 30 inspirational quotes and messages.

There’s more of course!

Kimberley has also just released her empowering princess and her pet colouring book.

“There are twelve princesses and each princess contributes to the world and has their own unique career.

You can check out Kimberley’s Wings of Love collection along with her Princess colouring books on her website:


Kimberley the Radio Host

It does not stop there!

Earlier this year, Kimberley also became a radio host with her own show on Radio Lantau.

“I went to Radio Lantau to get some publicity for my children’s book launch at Bookazine and they ended up asking me to host my own radio show, as well as giving me a plug for my launch!”.

This does not surprise me. If you’ve met Kimberley, you will most certainly remember her. She is a whirlwind of energy, enthusiasm, creativity and positivity – a memorable mix!

Her show, which airs Monday to Friday, gives a platform to Indie bands. She also does two interviews per week with different guests as well as covering the week’s “hot topic.”

I asked Kimberley what’s her favourite part of doing her show:

“I Iove doing the interviews, whether it is on the streets asking a random question or doing a 30 minute interview.

Everyone has a voice and a story. My goal is to give you that platform.

I have met so many beautiful people with incredible stories. I love the power of storytelling. It is empowering”.

I was curious to know, if Kimberley could interview anyone in the world, who would it be?

“Sir David Attenborough.

He has seen so many changes in the world in regard to the impact of
human society on the natural world. I love his passion for nature and the incredible planet we live in.

I have so many questions to ask him. It would be an amazing honour.”

Image result for david attenborough images

(Picture from National Geographic)

Kimberley’s radio interviews can be downloaded from her website:


Kimberley the Peace Ambassador

Kimberley was recently awarded a very special honour when she was asked to be a global peace ambassador

The role of a Peace Ambassador is to visit schools, organisations and communities to build peace through cultural understanding:

“To learn to respect each other’s traditions, taking
the time to listen to what others have to say.
To work towards a peaceful world as a perpetual
legacy for future generations”.

Kimberley tells me that it is one of those memories that she will never forget:

“I was invited to the peace press conference in Korea to cover the issue of peace among the International religious sectors as well as the political issue in North and South Korea. This was
already a huge honour.

I was asked to sit in the front row with the VIP’s. Next thing they called my name. I was a bit confused at first. “Why am I being taken up on stage?”

Little did I know that they were going to appoint me as Publicity Peace Ambassador!”.

Klara was also given the special honour of being made a global Peace Cow!


Of all her projects, I asked Kimberley which is her favourite but I think it was like asking her to pick a favourite child!

“I do not have a favourite. Each project is special to me.

I love creating and having the freedom to do what I am passionate about”.


So there you go – a brief introduction to a very busy lady. I’m tired after just writing that, I don’t know how she does it!


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