Entrepreneur of the Week

In this feature series, I briefly introduce some fabulous entrepreneurial ladies – a fun snapshot of the lady behind the business.

Nadia Ramoutar of Free my Mojo
Describe your business in 25 words or less

I’m a writer, filmmaker, consultant and educator – creating inspiring and mindful books, films and online courses. I offer coaching and consulting to individuals and organizations. 

Do you remember your first client or sale?

Yes, I sold my first book that I wrote and illustrated to my mentor.  She insisted on buying the book from me. She recently died of cancer so that memory is very precious.  

As a home business, where’s the strangest place you’ve taken a work call?

 It’s probably more like where haven’t I taken a work call at this stage. Probably the toilet is always a weird one and using the mute button to flush!

What would you say is the worst idea you’ve ever had when it comes to your business?

That’s a great question!  

I think the worst idea I have had is that it is limited,  and I can only do so much with it.  

What‘s your favourite part of your working day?

I love the early morning when my son is off to school and the house is quiet. I am very much a morning person, so I get a lot done early in the day.

I make a to-do list and I get going.   I try to respond to everyone from the day before and update my diary.  

I reward myself with something creative after I get all the boring things done!

If I am leading a workshop or directing a film that day I am even more enthused.

How about your least favourite?

Like many entrepreneurs, I am not stellar with paperwork and the bookkeeping side of things. I have to force myself to get organized. 

Where did you grow up?

I was born and grew up in Dublin.

My family moved to America when I was an older teenager and I went to college in Florida.

What was your first ever job?

The first job I ever had was selling helium balloons and t-shirt transfers at Funderland with my school friend Jenny. My uncle got us the job.

We thought we were the luckiest teenagers in the world that Christmas. 

Tell us one interesting thing about you that most people may not know.

I was diagnosed with dyslexia when I was nine years old. I think people are surprised to hear that because I ended up doing well in school and getting a Doctorate degree.

I was just really blessed I had an incredible set of teachers as a child, especially Emily Nevin who was my remedial English teacher in primary school. She saved me. 

What would be your karaoke song of choice?

My choice would be NOT to sing.  

I have only done it once and it was LOVE SHACK by the B52s. 


Email Drnadram@gmail.com



Instagram: Drnadram



I can feel a wave of calmness and positivity coming from my conversation with Nadia!

So ladies, if Nadia can do it, so can you. If you have always wanted to run your own business – Go for It, take that next step!


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Thank you xx

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