Day 5: Diary of a Mum Trying to Keep it Together

I sat down to write my diary page last night and was just overwhelmed with tiredness – both physically and mentally, hence no diary entry yesterday. I was all worn out. I’m sure we are all finding that we are having some of those days at the moment……..

Yesterday (allowing myself to get caught up in speculation), I convinced myself that a lockdown announcement was coming yesterday and was rushing around making sure I had plenty of food in, filling prescriptions and going to Argos to get lego for the kids. (Following, our relocation from Hong Kong, we are still in temporary accommodation and all our worldly possessions,including most of the girls toys and books, are in a shipping container sitting down in Dublin docks – deep breaths…..).

I’d also read that I should be bleaching the kitchen surfaces every night so when I finally sat down after doing that, I was all done in – nothing left in the tank.

Anyway, today is a new day………

Squabble Scale: 5

I give my daughters one “Get Out of Jail Free” pass a day – basically they get a free pass on one bit of bad behaviour and a chance to make amends. thereafter, there will be consequences…..

My 9 year old had already used her Get Out of Jail free pass by 8.15 a.m. – not off to a promising start…….

Things, thankfully, improved – no doubt helped by the fun distractions of making cupcakes, painting and movies.

Relationship Status

Gold star for himself – he got up with the kids again this morning to give me a break. Back to “school day” routine tomorrow, whatever that looks like now……

Toilet Roll Status

All good on this end (no pun intended) in Aldi.

They also had a supply of garden stuff if you want to use this time to get the garden summer ready!


At least the weather is being sympathetic to our situation at the moment – another dry day, in Dublin anyway.


School free day – LÁ Fhéile Pádraig Sona Dhuit!

Fun Activities

Being their first St. Patrick’s Day back in Ireland, my girls had been very much looking forward to going to the parade.

We made the most of it though, making our own fun at home making cupcakes and St. Patrick’s Day decorations for the front window.

High-point of the Day

We are heading off now to the drive in movies in Leopardstown to watch “War of theButtons” – my girls are so excited, having never been to a drive in movie before.

I am excited to just get out of the house………

Not sure about ticket availability but it’s running until 20th March. What a great idea, to be able to go somewhere while responsibly adhering to social distancing.

Low-point of the Day

My sister in law was driving by with her husband and two little boys. They phoned when they were outside and we came out to the front garden for a distant chat over the front wall. Her 4 year old loves playing with my two crazy loons and was so sad that he couldn’t come in to play with them – a wobbly lip that would break your heart……



How creative is this family! Some great activities or the little ones here. Thanks for sharing Ros!

Naomi told me about the children’s author Oliver Jeffers doing online storytelling:

Jane sent me this You Tube link to “Art for Kids” – my daughter loves drawing and is going to be all over this!


After a rough day yesterday, I have decided that the only online medical information on the Corona virus that I will read is from:

There is too much mis-information and rumours out there fuelling anxiety and panic.


I have 3 of my close family members that work in the food industry so am very aware of how badly this sector has been hit.

I came across this today – I have no connection to or affiliation with the business but just want to share their post as I think, sadly, there are many businesses out there in their position:

“Doyle’s Veg Prep is a Fruit & Veg supplier to the catering trade, Restaurants, Pubs and Hotels. Like most businesses out there we have been hit hard. Ironically this exact day is supposed to be the real kick start to the year for the trade and the reality could not be so different. Our sales have declined by 90% and this leaves us with a surplus of stock. In order to reduce our losses we are offering the general public our produce at prices that will make it worthwhile. Avoid the queues at the supermarket! For those whom have a flair for home cooking or those who just like the staples we have everything you can imagine under one roof. Vast array of vegetables, fruits, exotics, herbs, mixed mushrooms, salads, dairy, cheese & eggs. There will be complimentary items thrown in with every order including prepared veg to reduce stress levels at home! We are based on the Robinhood Road in D12 and are offering a collection only service Monday to Friday. Order today for collection following day. You simply park at our facility, stay in your car and we will put the order in your boot!If this is of interest or if you have any inquiries please send an email to We will then send you a full product and price file and you can submit your order via email. First orders taken tomorrow for collection Wednesday. First come first served! Thanks for your support and we hope you all stay safe and well through these worrying and surreal times”.  


Finally, a little giggle to end the day – this made me laugh!


Keep sharing ladies -I’m looking for jokes, stories of your good and bad days, your moans and frustrations, your funny moments, positive messages, ideas for kids activities, suggested kids online learning resources…….. I want to hear it all – the good, the bad and the ugly!

Also, if your kids have pictures of their St. Patrick’s Day window art, any art and craft creations, lego builds, baked treats or anything that they would like to share then just send them into me to post.

And, let’s not forget about us Mums – any online activities and resources for US that you come across, then please share too!

You can contact me on email at or through Instagram or Facebook Messenger.

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