Day 11: Diary of a Mum Trying to Keep it Together

Squabble Scale: 5

A solid 5 this morning – they had been on their best behaviour yesterday (warned / bribed by their Father) so they needed to let it out this morning. I can’t even remember what any of the squabbles were about – one of them probably had a shinier spoon at breakfast or something.

I’m not joking, they used tp frequently argue at breakfast over who had the longest spoon (they were identical IKEA spoons) – eventually I banned them having that argument so then they used to argue about who had the shiniest spoon…..

A good run in the park this afternoon ran the squabbling out of them, thank goodness.

Relationship Status

Himself is coasting high after a delivering a successful Mother’s Day yesterday – breakfast in bed, homemade card (by the kids, not him!), present, no cooking and looking after the kids all day.

Toilet Roll Status Update

Nothing to report – see “Low Point of the Day” below.


I’m not going to talk about it today – I actually am afraid of jinxing it now!

Home School

My girls weren’t much in the mind for schoolwork this morning so we started with ‘PE”. We logged on at 9.00 a.m. to follow the live Bodycoach workout.

Being not athletic types, they pretty much grumbled the whole way through it. I had to do it too to keep them going. I clearly put much more effort in than they did as my muscles are feeling those squats now……

I highly recommend starting the “school day” with this – my two munchkins were certainly more alert and energised afterwards and we actually had a productive morning today, taking in reading, maths and writing.

Until, my 9 year old started work on her google slides presentation on the Rainforest and stormed off in a huff (her, not me although I was tempted to……..) because I was “doing it all wrong”when I tried to help her with her slides.

And so, we were done with school for the day!

Fun Activities

We went on a “Nature Walk” in Bushy Park this afternoon. I was showing my girls how you can take colour or black and white photos and each of us took my phone to take 3 Nature Photos.

These are my nature pics:

These are my 9 year old’s nature shots

And these are my 6 year olds “nature photos”:

High Point of the Day

Our afternoon in Bushy Park – after our move back from Hong Kong, I’m loving discovering our favourite parks and walks all over again.

Low Point of the Day

I got up extra early this morning to hit Tesco when they opened before we started school. I completely forgot that Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are 65+ until 9.00 (which I think is a excellent idea, I’d just forgotten about it). Could have had that precious extra half hour in bed……..



Artzone are offering free online Art workshops for kids. For more information:




Thanks Morgan for sharing this – I gather they will be expensive to rent, close to cinema ticket prices. We can’t go to the cinema though! And, at least we can bring our own popcorn at home.


This is so sweet – Applewood Carehome in Terenure teamed up with Mikey Smyth Music to bring some cheer to its residents. (If the link does not work for you, go to Applewood Homecare’s Facebook Page where you will find the posted video).


We all have our own ways with dealing these difficult days – generally, us Irish find a big dollop of humour helps. For Jenny, who lives in Hong Kong where they have been dealing with this pandemic for much longer than us (schools have been closed since January) , her faith gets her through. Here are her words:

” Hiking in the clouds…

Normally it would be wiser to hike when the sun is out and shining but after 10 days inside, we needed to get out – no matter the weather 🤣Anyway, just behind our village, there are some awesome hiking trails – literally just outside our door. So we set out on our 10km hike up and over the mountain to the next village in overcast weather. Very soon, we found ourselves in the clouds.  It reminded us of how life feels right now. 

This is the first time our boys, aged 4 and 8 years, were joining us on this particular hike. It is straight up the face of the mountain then once you’re on the other side, it’s a gradual downhill to the end. So we were a bit nervous of the whining and “are we there yet” for an hour of uphill hiking. BUT the mountain was covered in cloud and we couldn’t see more than a few meters in front of us. And so we just kept going at a calm and easy pace, not really concerned with how much further we had to go. In fact, we were surprised to find ourselves at the top! After a well deserved snack, it was time for the downhill. I think it could’ve been a very different hike had the boys seen how tough the hike really was up that mountain!

It’s much like what we’re all – the whole world – is facing right now. 
We’re all in the cloud and we can’t see much of the route that’s in front of us. We’re just heading up this mountain – one step at a time with no idea how long it’s going to take and no clue of what’s coming up ahead.  We have no idea how long this virus is going to last, how “bad” it will get, how it will affect us, how it will change us, how anything…

What if that’s a good thing?What if we just keep taking the next best step, saying our best yes and making wise decisions? What if not having a clear view of this huge mountain in front of us is actually God’s way of protecting us?
As we walked, we appreciated seeing cloud whizzing passed and in between us. We saw water droplets on spider webs and on leaves and even on our eyelashes! There was beauty in the quiet and greyness. 

I know there is real struggle and times are extremely tough. I’m not denying that. But perhaps not knowing what the future holds could be a saving grace. 
And the best part? This too will end! It won’t last forever. Yes while we’re in it, it feels unending. But soon the clouds will part and lift and the sun will come out and we will see clearly again. I just want to encourage you. One day, one step at a time”.

Thanks for sharing your story Jenny!


Finally, a little giggle to end the day:


Keep sharing ladies – I’m looking for jokes, stories of your good and bad days, your moans and frustrations, your funny moments, positive messages, ideas for kids activities, suggested kids online learning resources…….. I want to hear it all – the good, the bad and the ugly!

Also, if your kids have pictures of their drawings, art and craft creations, lego builds, baked treats or anything that they would like to share then just send them into me to post.

And, let’s not forget about us Mums – any online activities and resources for US that you come across, then please share too!

You can contact me on email at or through Instagram or Facebook Messenger.

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