Day 12: Diary of a Mum Trying to Keep it Together

As I was putting my girls to bed this evening, I was thinking about what to write of my day in my diary this evening and I was drawing complete blanks on all fronts. Today, was simply a non-descript day – we did school work in the morning, followed by a visit to the (same) park as yesterday and watched a little t.v. before dinner.

There were no real highpoint or low points of the day – it was just one of those days that blend in.

The unsurprising came as a surprise to me. I was surprised at my lack of ideas to write about today (usually not an issue for me at all) but of course, on reflection, it’s not at all surprising. There are bound to be days that seem to blend into each other.

So, while today seemed to be one of those “blah” days, I am going to take the positive from the day. While nothing particularly memorable happened today, my family is all well and healthy and I will take that as a win.



Shirley sent this to me – lots on this schedule I’m seriously thinking of for tomorrow……..


Magic Show: Tomorrow, Bernardo the magician is going live performing his magic show at 4.00 on Facebook – link below:

David Williams: The wonderful “The World’s Worst Children” is being released as daily audio stories, every day for the next 30 days.

Head to each day for the latest story!


Corena sent me this and It was exactly what I needed to read today – give yourself a break Mums. We are not going to set our kids back for life if we don’t get through all the school work that we feel we should be getting through. There’s a balance between homeschool and survival, mixed with a dollop of realism.

I love the Mum categorising her pandemic parenting style as “Survivalist, with Mary Poppins notions.” Brilliant, totally relate to this!


Finally, a little giggle to end the day:


Keep sharing ladies – I’m looking for jokes, stories of your good and bad days, your moans and frustrations, your funny moments, positive messages, ideas for kids activities, suggested kids online learning resources…….. I want to hear it all – the good, the bad and the ugly!

Also, if your kids have pictures of their drawings, art and craft creations, lego builds, baked treats or anything that they would like to share then just send them into me to post.

And, let’s not forget about us Mums – any online activities and resources for US that you come across, then please share too!

You can contact me on email at or through Instagram or Facebook Messenger.

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