Day 14: Diary of a Mum Trying to Keep it Together

Firstly, ladies – congratulations! It’s Day 14 and youre still standing. You’ve totally got this!

Squabble Scale: 2

Nothing of significance today, thank goodness – no doubt due to our fun excursion.

Relationship Status

I was feeling bad for himself today. Sometimes I grumble about being “on” 24/7 with the kids but at least I can (still) take them out for some fun time.

He’s stuck in our home office working all day – those 4 walls must seem claustrophobic some days…..

Shout Out

Today, at 8.00 pm, It is being asked that people pause what they are doing, stand up and give a big clap to acknowledge and thank all the front line workers. I love this idea – it doesn’t make things any easier for them but we can at least let them know that we notice them.

So from Our Girls Gang:

Toilet Roll Status Update

No update to report today as I wasn’t in any shops.

I actually find it such a relief on days I don’t need to go to the shop as seeing empty shelves (usually from unnecessary hoarding) makes me anxious.


Continuing to not talk about it, in the hopes of not jinxing it!

Home School

I decided we needed a break from home school today (me more than my girls, to be honest!) so we went on a “Nature Field Trip.”

We got in the car and headed for Bray and spent a happy few hours ambling aimlessly, collecting rocks, rolling down hills and eating our picnic – just what the doctor ordered!

On the pretence of our “Nature Field Trip” we collected as many different leaves and flowers as we could find and are now pressing them under a pile of heavy books.

Fun Activities

We really had a lovely day in Bray:

Highpoint of the Day

During an energetic game of Stuck in the Mud my 9 year old laughingly screeched “This is the best I’ve felt in ages.”

I wasn’t sure what to think about that but my instinct tells me that going on the Mitch from school was the right decision today.

Lowpoint of the Day

On our way to Bray this morning, I brought a snack for the car, as my 6 year old is incapable of going an hour without asking for a snack!

I brought rice cakes for them – my 9 year old had the ones with a little bit of chocolate on the top while my 6 year old, who doesn’t like chocolate (I know – I don’t understand it either…..) had salt and vinegar flavoured rice cakes.

However, when she spotted the little bit of chocolate on her older sister’s rice cakes, she went into immediate “Full Strop” mode.

Her feeling was that her older sister was getting a treat and she wasn’t. Now, when I say that she doesn’t like chocolate, this is a significant understatement – she is disgusted / repulsed / revolted by it.

My mistake was that I tried to reason with her. I told her that she could have a chocolate rice cake too which of course she adamantly refused, yet she felt her sister was getting a treat that she wasn’t.

A fair or ridiculous point? You decide! I just know, that I spent far too long “discussing” it.



Note the temporary closure of acute paediatric services at Tallaght hospital:



Thanks Rebecca for sending this to me – this is a fun one!

For Mum:

The Irish Cancer Society, which is a cause close to my heart, had to cancel Daffodil Day which is their big annual fundraiser.

Instead, they are live streaming a live comedy show at 8.30 p.m. tomorrow night, featuring some of the Laughter Lounge comedians. The stream costs just 5 euro and all proceeds go to The Irish Cancer Society.

Make it a date night and support a wonderful cause.


If you really want to push the boat out, you can have another fun night “out” on Saturday!

Ireland Simpsons Fans are running an online quiz in aid of the ALONE charity on Saturday night at 7.00 p.m. The quiz will be hosted by Clare Cullen on her You Tube Channel. Tickets cost Euro 6.19 and ticket holders will be emailed instructions on how to take part. You can play by yourself or as part of a team.


This will warm your hearts – watch these kids help their friend celebrate her birthday while social distancing:


Finally, a little giggle to end the day – more laughs from the Foil Arms and Hog boys:


Keep sharing ladies – I’m looking for jokes, stories of your good and bad days, your moans and frustrations, your funny moments, positive messages, ideas for kids activities, suggested kids online learning resources…….. I want to hear it all – the good, the bad and the ugly!

Also, if your kids have pictures of their drawings, art and craft creations, lego builds, baked treats or anything that they would like to share then just send them into me to post.

And, let’s not forget about us Mums – any online activities and resources for US that you come across, then please share too!

You can contact me on email at or through Instagram or Facebook Messenger.

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