What Now?

I have no professional qualifications to offer advice on business planning or anything like that. These are just my own thoughts and suggestions!

As most businesses are likely to be quiet at the moment, it strikes me that maybe now is a good time to stand back from your business and think – where to next?

Skill Up

Perhaps, it’s an opportunity to skill up and plan your next moves for when things return to normal – whether this is is learning more about business planning, social media marketing or whatever it is that might strengthen and help your business grow.

There are many online courses out there which are perfect for social distancing. Some are fee paying and some free.

From a quick search of google, the below courses are just a few options to consider. Please note, that I have no knowledge, experience of or affiliation to any of these courses, they simply represent a handful of options from my quick google search to get you thinking:




When I lived in Hong Kong, I knew a lady called Kristina, who kindly volunteered her time to come and speak to a women in business group that I had set up in my local community. Kristina runs her own business called “She’s Got a Business” and she is currently offering group online sessions for female entrepreneurs, covering her “Start Your Business Strong” course aimed at helping you lay strong foundations for your business.

I invited Kristina to share some information with us about her latest course:

“Start Your Business Strong group course consists of 12 conference calls, 12 videos full of useful content, around 30-45 minutes each and 12 large actionable tasks. Each will take you 2-6  hours to complete, depending on the stage of your business idea, its complexity and personal preferences. Videos get released one by one to allow you to focus and not get overwhelmed.”

Course Content:

1. Psychology of money and success – the stories we tell ourselves and how to change our stories.

2. How to find the perfect business idea – not all which shines is gold

3. Business idea evaluation – market size, competition and all that jazz 

4. Business goals setting, numbers and frameworks – the road to success is through accounting

5. No customers, no business – your People, and where to find them and why they would love you

6. Your Products and Your services

7. Business Model, profit stream + revenue sources

 8. Creating your unshakable brand – unique selling points  = unique brand

9. All the truth about pricing – you will be shocked! 

10. Market like a pro – marketing platforms 

11. Marketing and communication strategy

12. Marketing and business strategy

The cost is $1790 HKD (approx. 210Euro) or you can do the course privately for $8,900 (approx. 1,050 Euro).”

You can contact Kristina directly through her website for course start dates or for further information:


Time for Reflection

We are in strange times indeed ladies. Maybe, we can find some bit of a silver lining by taking time to sit back from your business and reflect on considerations such as:


  • why you set up your business in the first place?
  • what were your goals?
  • who are your customers are and how are their needs changing?
  • what’s working?
  • what’s not working?
  • where do you want to drive your business next?
Support and Collaborate

I mentioned earlier a group I set up in my local community when I lived in Hong Kong.

At the time, I was running a small online shop but, being new to it, I was pretty much figuring it out as I went along. I recalled the incredible support that was there from my baby group friends when I had my babies and thought to myself “can I find that for my business too?’

I posted a message on our community Facebook page saying that I was a “Momentrepreneur” and asking if any other Momentrepreneurs be interested in getting together for coffee to meet each other and share experiences.

I was inundated with replies but I was seeking to develop, not a faceless facebook group but rather a group of ladies who actually got to know each other and would contribute and genuinely support the ethos of the group and each other.

From this large group of responses developed a group of about 25 ladies who regularly met for coffee to share experiences, advice and, most of all, support.

We created our own private facebook group where we shared info on seminars and workshops we heard of, markets we knew about, sought advice and suggestions and celebrated each other’s achievements.

We also asked ladies who we thought could help us to volunteer their time to come join us for coffee and share their advice with us. We had Kristina from She’s Got a Business, we had a magazine editor talk to us about how to approach editors for PR, one of our members had a marketing background and schooled us on social media etc.

This group became an invaluable resource to me and we genuinely supported, inspired and encouraged each other.

I would highly recommend seeking out these supportive relationships (a virtual cup of coffee only during these times, of course!)- share frustrations, seek advice, share experiences and celebrate achievements.


I’d love to hear of any online courses you know about or any helpful relevant articles you could share.

And please do share this post- we can all help raise each other up, Our Girls Gang style!


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Thank you xx

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