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Showcase: Sana Naturals

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Kasia. I’m Polish and an Irish man stole my heart over 13 years ago.

We now live in the beautiful Cavan countryside with our little boy, where I run my natural skincare business called Sana Naturals.

Where did you find the inspiration for your brand and how did you get started?

My love for Nature has been passed down in my family for generations. Growing up I’d spend days in my granny’s luscious garden picking wild plants and digging clay from the rich Polish soil.

Since I was little I’ve been making herbal potions and forcing anyone I could to drink them.

My background is in business though and I worked as a project manager for many years.

I’ve also been doing courses in natural therapies as a hobby and this passion has developed into making my own natural skincare products, especially important for me as I struggle with challenging skin.

To keep my skin healthy used to be a battle. I was trying all the possible products on Earth, slathering them on my poor skin, wasting time, money and to be honest, the will to look in the mirror.

It took years of fighting my sensitive skin to learn that simplicity and gentleness is the key. That struggle launched me on a quest for solutions, and ultimately the current path of making skincare products that help women feel good in their skin again.

Tell us about your natural skincare collection and what you as the founder stand for.

Sana Naturals is a truly natural eco- conscious collection of skincare essentials.


Sana Naturals products contain the finest natural ingredients and active botanicals cherished since ancient times for their healing and beautifying properties.

They are ingredients known to be effective through traditional use and science-backed published research, selected for the very best possible skincare results and maximum efficacy, delivering exceptional results.


I’m a big believer in simplicity and back to basics. I find the current skincare routines complicated, confusing and time consuming. Personally, I don’t see the need for, and don’t feel like applying so many layers of products onto my skin twice daily. In my opinion we only need a few skincare essentials that are truly natural and effective.

Sana Naturals collection of skincare essentials offers a simple skincare routine that is transparent and easy to follow. The collection promotes minimalist skincare that fits into hectic schedules, helping you get better skin with less effort.

The power is in the simple highly concentrated formulas that are very potent, delivering exceptional results

There are no fillers and I keep the list of ingredients as short as possible. The products are multifunctional, especially designed to address multiple skin issues at once, reducing the number of steps and products in the skincare routine.


Designed to be kind to delicate complexions, the gentle yet powerful formulas help restore the skin’s natural balance while supporting body wellness. It’s so important for those who struggle with challenging skin that is prone to breakouts, irritation or sensitivity.

Being 100% natural, the products work in harmony with your skin and health, and the unique luxe blends of aromatherapy uplift the mood and calm nerves.

You are very strong in your commitment to sustainability. Can you tell us about it?

All business decisions, starting from selecting the carefully chosen ingredients and packaging to how I run the business every day, are made with the wellness of our planet on my mind.

I’m committed to using as little plastic as possible. The products are housed in recyclable glass packaging without an outer cardboard box, and instead they come with a reusable cotton eco pouch for easy storage. The pouch is designed to help with sustainable living.

You can take it with you while shopping for lose fruit & veg and to zero waste stores to buy lose legumes & pulsed, nuts & seeds etc. It’s also super for storing jewellery, hair pieces, your child’s building blocks and toys.

Also, any insert paper and wraps in the e-commerce boxes are reused from the ingredients’ and containers’ packaging.

Sustainability is one of the brand’s core values. I’m constantly learning how to improve things and I often share this journey on social media.

What is your most popular product at the moment?

One of the most loved Sana Naturals products is the oil SERUM. It’s a powerful slow aging cocktail of nutritional goodness that soothes, smoothens and rejuvenates, helping to revitalise dull complexions with the finest botanicals, delivering exceptional results.

It’s a multifunctional superhero, serving as a moisturiser, serum and an under eye treatment all in one.

The serum offers super food nutrition to skins of all ages and types, including sensitive and challenging skin. And the unique luxe aromatherapy blend adds to the overall sense of well- being.

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Great stuff Kasia – well done!


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