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Book Club

If you, like me, love getting lost in a good book, then Welcome to Book Club!

Here, I will be sharing what I am reading and I hope that you will join in and share what you are reading too!

I’ll also share posts from my lovely friend Corena of Corena Reads – she’s a real bookworm and always good for a recommendation.

Check out:

So here’s my first read to share:

“The Hiding Game” by Naomi Wood
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Bloggers and Blaggers

I spend a lot of time writing for my little Blog mainly because I simply like writing.

Even though I have moved back to Dublin which I know really well having lived here a long time, it is still tricky to reconnect. Especially now, where we sometimes spend so much time on social media that the sense of connecting with people sometimes is not as it used to be. This, of course, as been completely exacerbated by COVID 19!

I like the sense of building and being part of a community that I feel my Blog gives me. Hopefully, my readers get this from it too!

There are lots of great Bloggers and Instagrammers out there. Here are some of my favourites:

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T.V. Shows Packing Girl Power!

There are so many great shows on t.v. these days and it’s brilliant to see lots of shows with strong female casts.

You know, not just the token supporting female role . And not a girl show with “the smart one”, “the pretty one” and “the funny one”…..

Here are my top 5 shows with strong female casts. These are strong characters – they have something to say, they are kicking butt and they are often laugh out loud funny.

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