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Coming Home

I’m sure we all remember this little guy from our childhood – E.T. made some very special friends with some kids during his time on Earth but at the end of the day, for him, his home was with his own species.

It’s a long flight from Ireland to Hong Kong and trust me when I say that 12 hours can feel like so much longer than that when two little girls do not go to sleep….. As the girls happily watched movie after movie (long haul flights alone with the kids is the one time Mummy lets them watch as much t.v. as they want) my mind drifted and I started to think about where “home” is for me now.

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ROADTRIP – The Ring of Kerry

Photo by Atish Sewmangel on Unsplash

Like a lot of Irish people, I suspect, I am guilty of not spending enough time holidaying in my own country. Ryanair have spoiled us with easy access to budget flights to Europe – I mean yes, they are the “no frills” airline that it’s a national pastime to grumble about, but there’s a reason the airline is the go-to airline of choice – it has allowed us to travel around Europe on a budget.

We have beautiful countryside and stunning beaches right here on our own door step and when the sun is shining there is nowhere us Irish would rather be but of course the sun is not always shining……..

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Our Summer Trip: My Top 10 Favourite Things

I have a lovely life in Hong Kong with my family and we are quite settled there. I believe that a home is not made from bricks and mortar but rather that home means being with your family, wherever that may be.

Having said that, there are always days when I find myself missing those little comforts and familiar things from Ireland – like some days I can’t stop thinking about these coffee flavoured shortbread biscuits made in the Granary café in Midleton near my Mum’s house or days I yearn for shoe shops that cater more for my sized feet –I’m a completely average UK Size 6 but sometimes, trying to find shoes in Hong Kong, I feel like I have giant feet!

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