Positive Vibes

Meet Sofia Healy

We were lucky to have a very lovely lady called Melanie join our family during our time in Hong Kong.

Melanie, like many Filipino ladies in Hong Kong, works as a domestic helper (or an “Auntie” which I prefer!).

Like many of these Aunties, Melanie left her children with her extended family back in the Philippines in order to work in Hong Kong to earn money so that she can give her children a better life. She is very proud that her second child is now in university and her children’s achievements are thanks to their Mum’s sacrifices.

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10 Things Women in Ireland couldn’t do 100 (‘-ish) years ago

Today Ireland is a vibrant and modern country – we’ve had 2 female presidents (first Mary Robinson in 1990, succeeded by Mary McAleese in 1997)  and we are proud to have been the first country in the world to have gay marriage legalised by democratic vote of the people. However, Ireland has not always been such a liberal country, for women anyway!

It’s hard to believe that as little as 100 years ago (and much less in some cases) that, either by law or because it was deemed socially unacceptable, women could not:

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Women in our Community, Part 5: Meet Ela Howard of WISE (Women in Sport Empowered)

Ela is from everywhere – she was born in Sri Lanka, spent her childhood growing up around Asia, Russia and Dubai and her teenage years in Finland. She went to university in England and moved to Hong Kong last year.

Ela’s Welsh mother and French father are teachers and taught in international schools around the world, so Ela got to actually live her geography class – travelling the globe and experiencing the world and its different cultures, what an experience!

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Women in our Community, Part 4: Meet Dana Winograd

There are so many fantastic women doing incredible things right here in my local community of Discovery Bay.  I had trouble deciding who to speak to next!

I recently did an interview with 9 year old environmental activist Lucia Torresi – Hong Kong’s own Greta Thunberg! When I asked Lucia what initially sparked her drive for protecting the environment, she said that it was a visit from Dana from Plastic Seas who came to her preschool to talk to the kids and afterwards her class did a beach clean-up. That was the beginning of Lucia’s eco journey.

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Women in Our Community, Part 3: Meet Steph Julian

(front row, pictured with the KYEEDA kids)

I worked briefly as a Teaching Assistant at an International Kindergarten in Hong Kong – I loved my year there but a year was enough for me! It gave me a new found massive respect for kindergarten teachers – they deal every day with our kids sneezing on them, picking noses, being sick and having toilet accidents (don’t even ask about the day I saw one of the kids lick the bottom of their shoe, I’m still scarred by that….) but still manage to have a smile on their faces at the end of the day!

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Women in our Community, Part 2: Meet Gaylene Meeson and Karen Mason – Brownie Troop Leaders

This is the second in a series of articles I wanted to write about some of the wonderful women in our community that I am privileged to know. These women give their time and effort on a regular basis to reach out and give back to the community and those in need.

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