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Work it Out!

The lovely Kristin Handford put me through my paces when I lived in Hong Kong – all the time with a big smile on her face!

Kristin is a certified Personal Trainer but back in her home country of Canda, she was a Master Corporal in the Canadian Army. My daughter thought she was “way cool”……

Below is a 45 min whole bodyworkout session with Kristin – enjoy!

You can find more workouts with Kristin on You Tube.


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Meet Grace O’Rourke from “Special Forces Ultimate Hell Week”

Now that I am back living in Ireland, I am discovering some new t.v. shows that I had missed out on. And, I am HOOKED on RTE’s “Special Forces Ultimate Hell week”. That’s some crazy tough stuff…….

Last year, Grace O’Rourke not only survived to the end of the week but beat the other 24 contestants to win the show. Oh’ and she also became the first woman in the State to pass this level of military assessment of physical, mental and emotional endurance!

A message from Grace:

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Positive Vibes

Meet Sofia Healy

We were lucky to have a very lovely lady called Melanie join our family during our time in Hong Kong.

Melanie, like many Filipino ladies in Hong Kong, works as a domestic helper (or an “Auntie” which I prefer!).

Like many of these Aunties, Melanie left her children with her extended family back in the Philippines in order to work in Hong Kong to earn money so that she can give her children a better life. She is very proud that her second child is now in university and her children’s achievements are thanks to their Mum’s sacrifices.

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