Women’s Football World Cup 2019

The Women’s Football World Cup will start shortly in France on the 8th June- it will be its 8th year.

Thank you to Annemarie Moran for sending in this video.

Meet the German Team – it’s a little mischievous!

This girl is FIERCE!

Thank you Natalie Chappell for sending in this video.

Sky Brown is one of 5 skateboarders who has made the British Olympic Skateboarding Team and will be seeking to compete in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

This will be the first Olympics to feature skateboarding as an event.

Sky is just 10 years old!! If she competes at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, at aged 12 years old, she will become the youngest Briton to compete at a Summer Olympics Games.

This girl is INCREDIBLE – what young girl could not be inspired by her!

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