Halloween: Fierce Ladies of the Emerald Isle

Halloween came from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced sow-in).

The festival which was created by the Celts, (who arrived in Ireland around 500 BC) celebrated the end of the harvest and ushered in the darker half of the year.

During Samhain, the Celts believed that the barrier with the “Otherworld” was breachable and a lot of Halloween traditions stem from this belief:


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The Tribe

“I love my kid but, today…”

The first time I met a Mum in Hong Kong that said this to me I laughed out loud and immediately I knew that we would be friends.

Straight away, I was reminded of a special group of ladies back in Dublin. We all met after the birth of our first babies and 8 years (and many more babies later), It has become a strongly knit group.

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World Teacher Day

Tomorrow (5th October) is World Teacher Day.

I bet we all have that one teacher that we remember from our school days – the one that we adored and had a positive influence on us (we also probably all remember the one we didn’t like so much but that’s another story….)

As a parent, I always held teachers in a high regard but after spending a year working as a teacher’s assistant, I found a whole new level of respect for what teachers do for our kids.

Not only do they educate our children but they dry their tears when they fall, comfort them when they are missing Mum or Dad, celebrate their achievements big and small, reassure and encourage them when they doubt themselves and counsel them when they need help managing friendships and a whole lot more!

To celebrate World Teachers’ Day, I asked my 8 year old to do a little interview with her class teacher. She came up with the questions and did the whole interview herself.

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