New Year Resoloutions

Yes, it’s that time of the year again……

Now, I am of an age to know that setting myself a list of unrealistic aspirational New Year Resolutions is probably going to end in disappointment.

I mean, ideally, the following would be my resolutions. Although, I think I am as likely to stick to these as my daughter is to get the unicorn she always wishes for:

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A Hong Kong Expat – What I will Miss

As the sun goes down on 2019 and also on our years in Hong Kong, I’ve been reflecting on our time living there.

It’s been quite the adventure – both living in the wonderful melting pot that is Hong Kong and the experience of being an expat.

So, looking back over my 4 years as an expat, I have been thinking about the uniquely Hong Kong things that I will miss hearing and saying.

Here are my Top 10:

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Positive Vibes

Meet Sofia Healy

We were lucky to have a very lovely lady called Melanie join our family during our time in Hong Kong.

Melanie, like many Filipino ladies in Hong Kong, works as a domestic helper (or an “Auntie” which I prefer!).

Like many of these Aunties, Melanie left her children with her extended family back in the Philippines in order to work in Hong Kong to earn money so that she can give her children a better life. She is very proud that her second child is now in university and her children’s achievements are thanks to their Mum’s sacrifices.

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