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See You Later…….

I’ve loved writing my little blog the last 2.5 years but now it’s time for me to move onto the next chapter.

I will be taking a little time out but am aiming to be back online in the next 2 months with my new Blog.

I will leave this page open and post a message here then telling you all about it – I think it will particularly be of interest to all you business ladies. So stick around…..

I want to say a huge and genuine thank you to family, my friends and those ladies who’ve followed my blog – I hope you felt a little inspired and empowered and that you had a few laughs along the way.

And remember ladies:

“When Women Support Each Other, Incredible Things Happen”.

Thank you xx

Showcase: Sana Naturals

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Kasia. I’m Polish and an Irish man stole my heart over 13 years ago.

We now live in the beautiful Cavan countryside with our little boy, where I run my natural skincare business called Sana Naturals.

Where did you find the inspiration for your brand and how did you get started?

My love for Nature has been passed down in my family for generations. Growing up I’d spend days in my granny’s luscious garden picking wild plants and digging clay from the rich Polish soil.

Since I was little I’ve been making herbal potions and forcing anyone I could to drink them.

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Showcase: The Nude Wine Company


Who is The Nude Wine Co?

 The Nude Wine Co – Wine As Nature Intended.

We specialise in Organic, Natural and Vegan wines and love spreading the word!

We offer next day delivery nationwide. 

If you are new to wine and would love to know more, #NudeWineTV hosts live wine tastings twice a week. 

The Nude Wine Company was started by Michelle Lawlor who has worked in the wine industry all across the world from London to Hong Kong and Italy to New Zealand.

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Showcase: Justine Le Guil Cosmetics

Over to you Justine…….

Who is Justine Le Guil Cosmetics?

Justine Le Guil is a small business based in Dublin, Ireland and offers Handcrafted & Natural Cosmetics.

Our products are not -and will never be- tested on animals. We do our very best to use the finest organic and natural ingredients.

We currently offer face, hand & body soaps, shampoo bars and skincare accessories made out of organic cotton. Everything is handmade in small batches in Dublin.

We strongly believe our business should be:

Eco-conscious – We are working very hard to limit our environmental impact by not only reducing plastic in packaging but also by giving priority to Irish, UK & EU suppliers. We also do our best to re-use what can be re-used, while ensuring it answers our standards.

Ethical – We handcraft vegan and cruelty-free products.

Creative – The composition of our products is carefully designed based on our experience. Each formula is thoroughly thought out and we take pride on putting on the market only products we are happy to use ourselves. Only after we made absolutely sure we are perfectly happy with a product, do we share it with everyone.

How it all Began

Due to toxic chemicals in some cosmetics and having a sensitive skin, I’ve been creating my own products for myself since 2015. It began with soaps, shampoos and I mostly use my own cosmetics.

It started as a hobby and it is now a business as well.

My 3 Favourite Products

1. Patchouli Face Scrub

This facial soap cleanses your face gently thanks to the organic apricot kernel powder.

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Kid’s Activities

Running low on things for the kids to do?

Here’s a whopping 54 pages of kid’s crosswords, join the dots, mazes, arts and craft projects and recipes – that should keep the little ones busy for awhile!

A big thank you to Gill for sending it in to me.


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Thank you xx

Shopping Time!

During these challenging days, to try and help both business owners and frustrated consumers, I’m posting a list of online shopping options.

I have no affiliation or connection with these businesses and do not guarantee anything in relation to any of them – I am simply trying help both consumers and business owners.

If you are a retailer, or know someone who is, please message me with your Website / Facebook / Instagram links and I will add you to the list. 

The list will be updated weekly. If you follow Our Girls Gang on Facebook or Instagram, you will see when the updated list is posted.

I will also include, as part of the weekly list, a list of any SPECIAL OFFERS that I know of.  So, retailers be sure to let me know of any specials you are running and, consumers be sure to check in weekly!

Please, please, please SHARE, SHARE and SHARE this post – it can only help if people know about it.

Welcome to this week’s newcomers:

Bakealicious – Cupcakes and cookies

Little Buddies – Hand made crotched decorations

Siobhan Daly Designs – Handcrafted earrings, headpieces and neckpieces

Millbee Studio – Beeswax food wraps and candles

The Nude Wine Co. -Organic and vegan wines, DIY wine courses and tastings

Three Little Birds Illustrations – Greeting cards and wall prints: calligraphy and illustration

Bear Essentials – Teddy bears made for memories

Here’s the list:

Happy Shopping!


Facebook: Our Girls Gang


Thank you xx